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Top 5 take me to a useless website!


Hello pals! In this article I will focus on the top 5 tale me to the useless website where you will enjoy reading the article without getting bored. In this, we talk about useless websites with a motive to make the generation aware about them from feeling bore.

These websites are best explorer when you feel bored and there is lots more ahead you will get to learn about such websites. Be patient enough to read the article with your entire mind focused. Let’s quickly have a look at the top 5 such websites.

Top 5 take me to a useless website!

• PleaseDonate.Biz: this is one of the top 5 useless website. This website works wonder for those who after spending long sessions on other websites feel. This website is most popular and also the most dangerous website page online server when it comes to asking for donation online.

The visitors after knowing about this site will recommend others to not visit this site and get rid of such miscellaneous sites as this website asks for some art of donation in form of money by the visitors.

• Your Name is Gum: this website is totally a waste of time for those visitors who visit it and spend their time. The name of the visitor is shown in different patterns and the visitor needs to choose up the material as gum, only then will he /she get to choose the color of the choice in order to fill up the words.

The visitor later on need to type their name in the empty box provided and sends the request and waits for some time. Then, after few minutes, the page appears which is just useless.

• this is yet another top 5 useless website that stands to be the ultimate useless one for the visitors. No proper information is given under this site and the visitor in the Google search box need to type Then, home page appears with display of Hoooooo which also sounds similar to Heeeee. Well it’s totally waste of time and energy and that’s why it falls under the top 5 best useless website in the list.

• Pointer Pointer: falling under the top 5 most useless website, this website tries to impress the visitor by placing images and giving information over the site and later on sets a strong impression.

But, this is useless website as the visitor has to point the cursor to the website searching place and leave a comment further spending some of the time and at the end all of the time spent turns out to be waste and results in nothing. So some of websites like are amazing and some are useless.

The image gets featured with the display built with the java Script under the proposal of the analysis. At the end, all the impression turns out to be seamless and this website is the ultimate waste useless website in the list of top 5.

Visitor after using it once does not recommend it to use for others nor will get back again visiting such portal page in life.

TCS Ultimatix ERP website for Employees

TCS Ultimatix ERP portal is mainly for its employees. In an organization, we face many hectic works for management. We can manage things at some small level but as the organization size grows things get too much complicated. From general administration like salary management, timesheet of projects and other administration task can not be done manually when you have large number of employees.

TCS Ultimatix does all the above mentioned complicated task and run thing very smoothly. As per March 2015, TCS has more than 3 Lac employee in total working from different corners for the world. Ultimatix is the official ERP portal for all tcs employee. So therefore managing all these task TCS has developed ultimatix applications.
TCS has great brand value specially in India. It also has good international presence as well. It is currently working from more than 40 nations around the world. The official site for tcs ultimatix is . Tcs ultimatix also has android touch apps and ios app as well. So if you are having one of the smartphone then you can easily download their mobile application for your convenience. If you are on android then you can simply head over to play store for ultimatix app download and if your are iOS fan then simply search it over app store.

For login into tcs webmail just got to the official site https://webmail . After that insert your authorization details in the appropriate box. I would like to tell you that you can access tcs webmail from anywhere. Whether it can be your tcs workplace or your sweet home, it is available from everywhere.

If you are employee then TCS Webmail homepage will show you your email messages. And if you are a consumer or a business partner to TCS then you will be Shown locations on the homepage.

TCS webmail Login url for tcs ultimatix is

TCS Ultimatix login URL is
You can contact TCS Ultimatix Email address for global helpdesk is given below:
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]

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